Master Classes - The Abandoned Theatre Cake at Cake Opera Co
The Abandoned Theatre Cake at Cake Opera Co

The Abandoned Theatre Cake

Inspired by a time when experiencing an opera was not only captivating by the drama which played out on stage but also the drama that bled off the stage into the space surrounding its audience.

Today, many of these enchanting theatres have fallen into despair. Their tattered curtains, gilded marquis and almost forgotten faded backdrops manage to evoke a mesmerizing fascination with the haunting beauty of ornamental decay.

Cake Artist, Alexandria Pellegrino, celebrated for her imaginative representations of old world beauty through cake, will host a series of three day classes. Fellow cake designers will learn how to construct this unique design - The Abandoned Theatre Cake.

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Students Will Learn

  • A brief history about Rococo architecture and elaborate theatres.
  • Including how this artistic genre can be used as inspiration for cake design.
  • How to sculpt in both fresh cake and in Styrofoam, the tiers which represent the “theatre” feature of the cake.
  • How to properly dowel and stack the theatre structure.
  • How to use impression sticks and silicon molds to create stunning architectural details for example: wainscoting, a vaulted ceiling and a vintage theatre marquis.
  • How to create sumptuous and animated theatre curtains.
  • How to hand paint faded scenic backdrop panels as well as aged stage floorboards.
  • How to install a miniature battery operated chandelier that lights up.
  • To maximize time for this intensive class, the sculpted theatre tiers will be demonstrated in fresh cake as well as Styrofoam however, students will decorate their own cake on pre sculpted Styrofoam dummies.

Materials Provided

  • Architectural molds
  • Impression stick
  • Mini battery operated chandelier
  • Cake Opera Co. apron
  • A booklet of each lesson learned in class with diagrams as well as artistic references for future inspiration.
  • Cake Opera Co. Master Class Certificate

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With Our Compliments

Champagne and Cake Farewell


$1300.00 CAD + 13% HST Tax

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